Standard Open-Air Cabina



Las Nubes (51)
Las Nubes (33)

Accomodates: 2

Beds: 1 King





However comfortable and luxurious your cabina is, sleeping next to the rain forest has a touch of adventure to it. The open snail-house structure of the building makes you feel you’re in the middle of nature. The sounds of tropical birds, crickets and the distant rolling of the ocean will sway you to sleep. Waking up the next morning with the sunlight playing on your mosquito net is magic! Scattered over the domain are 4 private cabinas at a comfortable distance from each other. Discretion and tranquility are ensured. Your nights will be cool and quiet. The shape of the house (based on native Indian houses) transports fresh air through your room constantly.


Extra 1 person bed possible for 50$ per night

( max. 2 beds per cabina )


Breakfast included.

Las Nubes is a boutique ecological resort on the rim of a magnificent coastal mountain above Matapolo,  Province of Puntarenas  |  Costa-Rica  

Las Nubes is a member of the Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica.

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