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A Sacred Place

Las Nubes is a biotech lodge to relax, detoxify and retreat in an eco-friendly and pure environment. The new barefoot luxury is refined: we call it "simplicity". We consider Las Nubes as a sacred place of happiness and live energy, far from everything but closer to its goal: building a better life through consciousness, sustainability and friendliness.
Here are a few things Las Nubes could be for you:


  • Las Nubes is living large on a small ecological footprint

  • Las Nubes is disconnecting from worries

  • Las Nubes is a spiritual experience in a no-nonsense way

  • Las Nubes is an ever-changing spectaculo over the valley, the mountains and the clouds

  • Las Nubes is feeling at ease in the middle of a primary rain forest, in a climate on average 3 to 5 °C milder than the region

  • Las Nubes is an immersion in sustainability

  • Las Nubes is moving on from ‘living the good life’ to ‘living a better life’

  • Las Nubes is living next door to monkeys, toucans, sloths, fireflies and grandioso butterflies

High End Cuisine 

Meals at Las Nubes are a centerpiece of the experience. Filip is a skilled and imaginative chef, and has found local sources for artisanal cheeses, Costa Rican coffee, fresh Pacific seafood, and every accouterment required to provide top-quality, fresh meals that would make many of the world’s top chefs cry with envy.

A natural and convivial host, D'hulster is quick to please, and seems to casually produce a broad array of pre-dinner morsels, from freshly made ceviche to home-made hummus, served of course with bread he bakes himself. Eschewing drink mixes of any sort, he serves his own far better versions of margaritas, pina coladas and mojitos, all made with fresh ingredients.


All of the electricity at Las Nubes is solar, all of the water derives from a pure mountain spring.  Filtration of waste water is accomplished through an ingenious filtration system of lava rocks and plants, and the biodynamic garden provides fresh vegetables, fruits and seasonings for the resort’s signature gourmet meals.

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